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About Green Bay High School

Green Bay is a very welcoming school in a neighborhood where many families host international students and live within walking distance of the school. Students will be buddied up with local students who will show them the ropes.

The school is in West Auckland, in the North Island of New Zealand. Located a 20 minute drive from downtown Auckland and on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges we have the best of both worlds. The shopping mall and movie theatres are less than 4km away from school, with trains and buses departing for the city from there – approximately a 25 minute ride.

Green Bay area is on the fringe of the vast Waitakere Regional Park – a paradise for hikers and beach lovers. The black sand beaches are world famous as are the surfing spots such as Piha Beach. The community is art focused and the nearby art galleries, theaters, and dance schools are easily accessed by students. There is a local market in the weekends featuring local artesanal products.

Driven by the passion in the community for art, the school has also built a strong tradition in both the Performing and Visual Arts.

Students can study Photography, Painting, Design, Music, Drama and Dance. Facilities include a darkroom, computer suite with photo shop, a dance studio and an auditorium. The annual school show has a permanent spot in the community calendar it is well patroned for the five nights it runs in Term 3. In addition to this there are Music, Dance and Drama nights throughout the year – an opportunity for students to show case what they have been learning, and earn credits for their performances.

The school offers a wide range of sports, with a focus on both traditional sports codes, such as rugby, football, netball and cricket, but also seeks to respond to a diversity of interests in non-traditional sports activities. These include water polo, archery, snowboarding and ultimate frisbee. There is ample opportunity for students to get involved even without a lot of experience. The focus is on fun and participation.

The school has an all season turf for tennis and sports practice when the fields are closed, large grounds for hockey, football, cricket and hockey, and a gym for basketball, volleyball and badminton. There is also a golf club that welcomes youth members just down the road.

Disciplines: Examples of the diversity of disciplines offered are: Biology, Business Management, Calculus, Chemistry, Dance, Design and Visual Communication, Digital Programming, Drama, Early Childhood, Fashion Design, History, Hospitality, Maori Studies, Media Studies, Music, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Statistics. English and Mathematics are compulsory and students can choose four other subjects.


West of Auckland


High School


Course Duration:
1 to 4 Terms





TYPE OF SCHOOL: Co-educational, public.
SCHOOL LEVEL: Year 9-12, mufti in Year 13
TERMS: T1 – 03 February – 25 April
T2 – 03 May – 09 July
T3 – 26 July – 01 October
T4 – 18 October – 15 December


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